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Learn what really makes you tick and watch all parts of your personality click into place

Everyone has the three main behaviour patterns or drives of the human psyche within their brain; survival, security and pleasure.

From these three behaviour patterns or parts you can form the right mix of personality to deal effectively with any situation in life, no matter what it is.

The first one is based around survival – its official name is Resolute Organisational but it might be easier to think of it as  the ‘Warrior’ part  because it is the part that will fight for what is right and will use tenacity and practical abilities to achieve an objective. It is also the part that helps you to stay in control of your life, but can be inflexible and pessimistic at times.

The second one is based around security and is called the Intuitive Adaptable although you might prefer to call it the 'Settler' because its aim is to work and share with others.  It is the part concerned with keeping things running smoothly, it is versatile, adaptable and likeable. It can have problems with being assertive enough.

The third part deals with pleasure.  It is what is known as Charismatic Evidential, or you may want to call it the 'Nomad' part instead.  it is the fun-lover and fun-giver part of you, enthusiastic, lively and very persuasive, always optimistic.  The downside is that it can be self centred and lack responsibility.

How the parts work

When you are happy and life floats along the way you want it to, these three parts are likely to be working together in the background as an effective team, driving you forward. When things are out of synch though, it often feels that  there's conflict between the person you feel you really are and the person you feel you are supposed to be. This can leave you feeling anxious, de-motivated or floundering about, simply at a loss as to what to do next.

The WSN model identifies and manages these instinctive drives helping you find the strengths and resources that you never knew you had in you. In many cases, when you long to be more like someone else in a certain way, it's because deep in your mind you already know you are like them, or might have the potential to be....

How many sessions are needed?

You're an individual and your circumstances are different to anyone else's so until we start exploring through WSN we can't tell how many sessions you will need to effect change.  This is a fast method though, and many people are surprised to discover just how much beneficial change they can make for themselves in only one session, which is why I often incorporate a session into my programmes.

It works equally as well as a standalone model or when it is combined with other therapies and techniques, again it's down to the individual. What is absolutely certain is that there is no other counselling or coaching model like this one; it can change the way you feel about yourself and remove personal limitations often at a stroke.