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Have you decided it's time to have the body you want?

Take a look below at the 2 weight programmes I offer and just ask if you want to know more!

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Do you look in the mirror and hate what you see?

Have you tried every diet or weight plan going?

Are you still struggling with the way you think about weight and food?

Let's be clear, most diets and weight plans work, yes you read that right! 

They work... as long as you keep following the regime!  

The problems usually start when you fall off the wagon or decide to ‘go it alone’ and the weight creeps back on again and it's all because you haven't got to grips with what's going on in your mind.

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Emotional and unconscious eating are often the culprits of weight gain and this is where hypnosis can really help, in the following ways:

  1. by removing some of the strong negative associations you may have towards food, then tapping into the part of you that helps you keep emotions on track in other areas of your life

  2. by reinstalling the idea food is simply fuel to keep your body healthy and tempting you to make healthy choices more often

  3. by giving you some space between that feeling of wanting to eat and actually doing it

  4. by motivating you to feel good about eating less

  5. by helping you to notice more and to reinforce positive behaviours.

  6. by using your mind to help regulate your sense of 'fullness'

One final word on the subject, in my experience, most people who consider hypnotherapy for weight management are already preparing themselves to make lifestyle adjustments before they even call me. 


I recommend introducing some form of exercise (and that can simply be moving a bit more in the day) and/or keeping a food diary for the four weeks.


Both of these activities bring more awareness to the connection between to your mind and body and the people who do both get the best results because they’re taking on this mind/body balanced approach.

Weight Winner 4 Session Programme £225

These one-to-one sessions are for you if you are ready to make healthier  choices in order to achieve long term freedom from excess weight. With the thread of hypnotherapy running through the programme, each week we also focus on one or more of the following tools and techniques to help you crush cravings, build confidence and bring about change.

Body Measurements
  • Virtual Gastric Band techniques

  • WSN - discover which parts of your personality are driving you

  • BWRT - rewire and reset your habits

  • Coaching - learn to notice, understand and challenge beliefs

  • Mindscaping - create your own journey

Slim a Size Group Programme £99

Running at set times throughout the year and based on hypnotherapy and Virtual Gastric Band techniques, this cost effective 4 week small group programme is for you if you are serious about achieving your weight goals and want to reset your eating habits. Limited places available.

Body Measurements
  • Change how you think about food

  • Reset your eating habits

  • Be satisfied on smaller amounts

  • Discover your motivation to move more

  • Curb cravings