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What to expect during a session

It's an opportunity to relax, learn how to help yourself and start to make the changes you want
Initial Consultation

We'll begin by having a chat and at this stage it's your chance to share as much background information regarding the issue as you can, or want to, and where you'll tell me how you want to feel or behave instead.  If you feel uncomfortable sharing details perhaps due to strong feelings of guilt, shame or embarrassment then another technique (BWRT®) might be more appropriate than hypnosis as the power of this technique means that I only need to know the type of issue, not the details. 

This part of the session also allows me to explain how the most suitable therapy for your situation works, dispel any myths and this is also where you have your first opportunity to ask questions - feel free to ask anything throughout the time we spend together, it's vital that you feel comfortable.


A typical hypnosis session

If we use hypnosis, it's important you know that you'll simply be in a state of focused concentration and will be awake and have some level of general awareness at all times.  You are always in control and during the initial consultation we'll talk about your preferred response or outcome for your situation. The session itself is conducted in three stages, see below.


My role is to guide you through the process. We normally focus on one issue per session.

Stage 1

Induction & Deepener

Once we're ready to start, generally I'll ask you to close your eyes and let me guide you into a resource state of focused concentration.  Most people aren't used to relaxing deeply and because of this the experience is often very enjoyable in itself. You'll always be aware of all that's going on and can hear what I'm saying.


If appropriate, I'll spend even more time and take the relaxation into a deeper state although this is not always necessary.  Effective therapeutic results can often be achieved whilst someone is only in a light state of hypnosis.

Stage 2

The Therapy

This is where we begin to look at encouraging changes in behaviour and feelings to achieve more useful responses and/or outcomes.  We might do this by replacing unhelpful thoughts around those feelings and behaviours with more useful ones based only on the information you've shared.  

I may provide you with some simple tools to use after the session as you go about your daily life. These include anchors and post-hypnotic suggestions, which can be quick and effective ways of reinforcing the content of the session. 

Stage 3

Ending the session

Once we have completed our work for the session it only remains for me to return you to your usual state of alertness in order to carry on with your day. This only takes a few minutes. Before you leave, I might ask you to practice a couple of straightforward exercises between sessions to support the work we've done in this one.

Usually, we can address issues and effect change in a handful of sessions at most.