How Hypnosis Works


What hypnosis is and what it isn't

It's relaxing, it feels good and you probably spend more of your day in hypnosis than you think!

Hypnosis is a completely natural state of mind and the name comes from the Greek word 'hypnos' meaning sleep.  Although hypnosis can be deeply relaxing it is not sleep, it's simply a narrowing of concentration or focus.  

Hypnosis can help you overcome unhelpful habits and ways of thinking and can support your efforts to improve many aspects of your life.

It is something nearly everyone experiences and you probably spend more time in some hypnosis-like state than you realise!  Did you know that when you're absorbed in a TV programme or by thoughts of what might be for dinner as you drive home from work, or when you're sweating at the thought of giving a speech or mentally rehearsing your perfect golf swing, you're in a type of hypnosis.

When it is used as a form of therapy you can be hypnotised by a trained hypnotherapist such as myself (hetero-hypnosis) or I can teach you how to hypnotise yourself (self-hypnosis). Using different techniques it is possible to allow your brain to 'overwrite' unhelpful thoughts and behaviours in order to enable you to make choices more in line with your goals - and it can be much less effort than using willpower alone.


It is NOT a form of mind control; it would be impossible for a hypnotherapist to make you do anything that goes against your moral code and no hypnotherapist worth their salt would ever attempt to make you do something against your will.


It often allows you to feel truly relaxed and gives you some 'space' in your thinking, which is why so many clients come back for help with different issues and sometimes just for the sheer pleasure of being treated to a confidence or ego-boosting session to enhance feelings of wellbeing, to boost self-esteem and to feel pampered and cared for.

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