How Can Hypnosis Help Me?

If you want to change, you can change and hypnosis can make it happen much more easily

We all know that different people respond differently to situations.  Do you wish you could feel more in control of the way you feel or respond more often? It may be that you would like to introduce fresh thinking to your current situation or have more positive feelings to challenges and this is where hypnosis can help. Every day people just like yourself are able to rewrite some of their less useful thinking patterns, providing better outcomes for the future. Sometimes it's possible to do this on your own; so often it's much easier with help and this is where I come in.

Every day I help people just like you by using hypnotherapy and also by teaching self-hypnosis techniques. With practice it's possible to quickly reach a resource state where you can access the which can be used to help with any issues you want to work on. We can do this either face to face or very occasionally by Skype.

Depending on the situation, we may choose hypnosis or another technique instead, such as coaching, BWRT® or WSN.  Whatever method we use, it's always to suit you, giving you  even more control over your responses in future situations and a better understanding of why you respond to certain triggers.