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Mind over Matter Scotland is online!

There are many things that are proving stressful in 2020; it's good to know that getting help from me isn't one of them.

Now I can help you wherever you live in the UK because all my one-to-one appointments are available to book online by Zoom.

3 benefits for you:

1. Online hypnosis is so easy & is just as effective as when we're face-to- face. 

2. You are able to enjoy your appointment from the comfort of your own home.

3. It's convenient & more cost effective as it saves on travel for you. 

*Appointments will also be available by arrangement in Newtonmore once Covid 19 restrictions are lifted

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What my clients are saying.....

“I had been living in a very negative mind-set for quite a while and desperate to change my life around when I found Jane’s details online.  I was very unhappy in my job and carrying a lot of frustration and anger because of this.  I was very low in confidence and self esteem and felt like I was unable to take charge of my life.  I was very depressed and felt like I was drowning in negative emotions/thoughts and couldn’t see a way forward or a way out.  My sessions with Jane consisted of lots of therapeutic chats, hypnosis and she gave me exercises to do when I felt the anxiety or anger was spiralling. 


Result = I have started the New Year with a new job and my old positive, confident and happy self back. The black cloud I was living under has well and truly gone.  I think this really speaks for itself in how Jane helped me.


She’s a very lovely lady and so easy to speak to.  I would highly recommend her!!!”

"..........Jane reacquainted me with Mindfulness and introduced me to some techniques which were truly wonderful in helping me to begin to restore my sense of balance. I started meditating regularly. I was able to accept an invitation to visit a friend without anxiety or fear (this involved two long haul flights alone).  I sought out further complimentary therapies and accepted the support of close friends and family.


Over a number of months I have now come to the point where I feel my ‘usual’ self again and my blood pressure is also completely normal. I have learned that there is wisdom in asking for help when you need it.  It is a sign of strength not weakness to acknowledge when you can’t do things on your own. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to you. She, without doubt, started me on the healing road to recovery...."

Jane is tremendous - she has something special. A good friend of mine recommended her to me. Having never considered hypnotherapy before, in fact I'd go so far as to say I was a little scared of the thought of it, I made an appointment with Jane.

I had 4 sessions over a 6 month period with amazing and life changing results. I felt extremely relaxed and calm and aware of everything while my subconscious was fixing things.

My family and friends are totally amazed at how transformed I am. Jane is warm, gentle, very encouraging, very easy to talk to and very genuine. I would recommend her without hesitation. 


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