How can I help you?

Hi, I'm Jane Stewart and I'm a professional Hypnotherapist. I'm here 

to help you make changes in your life and also to make those changes stick

using hypnosis and other related techniques. 

I can help you with:

weight management

smoking cessation

confidence & motivation

sport psychology

It really doesn't matter where you live, you can work with me either

face-to-face in my office or remotely by Zoom - they're both equally effective.

Find me at:  Office 1/1, 2nd floor, 3 Union Street, Inverness IV1 1PP.


"I recently took part in a 'introduction to self hypnosis' event that Jane ran at Inverness College.

 I learned a lot from the session, found the exercises straightforward and

 really effective and now I'm looking forward to developing the

techniques that I learnt.
Jane was a very knowledgable teacher and would really look forward to further sessions to extend my learning on this method."

"..........Jane reacquainted me with Mindfulness and introduced me to some techniques which were truly wonderful in helping me to begin to restore my sense of balance. I started meditating regularly. I was able to accept an invitation to visit a friend without anxiety or fear (this involved two long haul flights alone).  I sought out further complimentary therapies and accepted the support of close friends and family.


Over a number of months I have now come to the point where I feel my ‘usual’ self again and my blood pressure is also completely normal. I have learned that there is wisdom in asking for help when you need it.  It is a sign of strength not weakness to acknowledge when you can’t do things on your own. I have no hesitation in recommending Jane to you. She, without doubt, started me on the healing road to recovery...."

 "I was a bit nervous about two big games coming up in my sport. Jane gave me some sessions for this and it really helped me to play well. I felt really confident and I managed to make a big contribution to the team. I  scored all the goals in both games and we won. I would highly recommend if you have any worries about anything to seek her advice. Thanks"

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